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Rugen Team Investigations provides a variety of services and is a one-stop shop for all of your private investigation needs.

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Rugen Team Investigations has investigators around the United States and around the world through its networking contacts.

Whether you need a licensed private detective in Topeka, Overland Park, Olathe, Wichita, Leavenworth or elsewhere in Kansas, we can assist you in your private investigation needs.

We have several offices we can meet our clients by appointment, but our mailing address of our headquarters is:

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Rugen Team Investigations LLC is the Kansas premiere private investigator, owned by Ron Rugen.



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 Rugen team investigatIons is your one stop KANSAS private detective 

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Rugen Team Investigations is a Kansas licensed private investigator.  If your needs are elsewhere, we network with professional licensed investigators all over the United States and around the world.  We are a one-stop shop and can vet investigators for you and handle all of your needs.  Since 1994, Ron Rugen has been serving law offices and the public giving clients answers and peace of mind. Call (888) 511-1919.

We Asked Ron Rugen How and Why He Became a Private Investigator?
Rugen: "When I get a call from someone in pain because they believe their spouse is cheating on them, I feel their pain.  More often than not, the first words I hear is 'I never thought I would need to hire a private investigator'.

I totally understand what they're going through and how they are hurting.  I've gone through this myself. I was cheated on myself.  You feel like someone just hit you in the gut and you can't breathe.  When I went through my divorce, I quickly realized two things:  one, your attorney needs someone (a private investigator) to get them the information they need.  Secondly, you can't do it yourself.  If you try doing it yourself, you not only make mistakes but, subliminally, the spouse is aware of your look out of the corner of their eye.  A private investigator can be non-emotional and be an unbiased observer of the facts while gathering evidence legally.

Prior to studying and training to be a PI, I was a news reporter.  Being a private investigator is not much different. It's about fact gathering and being objective about what you see.  Plus, with my television bac kground, my surveillance video is not shakey and questionable like you would get from an untrained amateur."

Are There So-Called PIs That Will Charge You Less?
Rugen:  "Absolutely.  But, they know what they're worth.
We're not expensive.  We bill at an average rate of most professionals in the industry.

If you find a PI that will bill less for their services, you have to ask, why?  Is it because they do not go to annual conferences to keep honing their skills? Is it because they do not have the equipment to do the job effectively (such as night vision cameras, body cameras to use in restaurants and bars)?  Is it because they don't have the experience to make the judgment calls necessary?  Do they know what they're worth?  If they are willing to bill you less, are you wasting the money you do pay them for inferior results?"

What if I Live in a No-Fault State?
Ron Rugen:  "Sometimes, like me, you just need to know the truth for peace of mind.  Particularly, if you have children, you need to know this big decision you have to make is the right decision and you aren't just, as your spouse would have you believe, imagining it all.

In the courtroom, with all due respect, the judge can do whatever he/she thinks is right in terms of custody or disproportionate distribution of the marital assets."

Ron Rugen and Rugen Team Investigations are licensed private investigators.  Any comments here are his own and should not be considered as legal advice.

"Ron Rugen is a very good investigator, writer, and communicator. If I wanted to delve into something, whether a private case or a public interest issue, Ron would be the guy I would call."
  — Nationally-known Criminal Profiler and Author Pat Brown

"Ron Rugen is an intellectually gifted investigator with a strong background in communications which means he listens, he learns, and he reports facts. He digs like a hungry journalist and gets to the truth.”
  — Peter Hyatt, Investigator and nationally-known Statement Analyst

"I personally have met with Mr. Rugen and feel confident that he will take care of his clients and their needs.  I have had dealing with PI's all over the world and feel that Mr. Rugen is a professional PI who can definitely assist his clients."
   — Kelly Riddle, Author/Columnist, President of Kelmar & Associates, San Antonio, TX 

"Ron's dedication to education and bettering his craft truly sets him apart from the everyday gumshoe."
   — Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM | Aon Consulting, Managing Director, Corporate Strategic Intelligence Unit

"Through our many professional interactions, I can say with great confidence that Mr. Rugen has proven himself to be knowledgeable and professional in both the judgment recovery and private investigation fields. You'll be in good hands, when you rely on Mr. Rugen for assistance!"
   — Christina Smiley, Sierra Judgment Recovery, National Speaker and Author, St. Marys, GA

"We have known Ron Rugen on a professional level and he is a very resourceful investigator."
  — Ralph Thomas, Austin, Texas; Founder, National Association of Investigative Specialists

"Simply having a license to do investigations doesn't make a person a gooxd private investigator. Ron Rugen takes it to an entirely different level by constantly educating himself and attending valuable investigative conferences and seminars throughout the country. His experience and his constant willingness to learn new and innovative investigative techniques ultimately insures that each and every one of his clients will benefit from his proven skills and positive results."
  — Jimmie Mesis, Editor-in-Chief, PI Magazine

 "It takes a certain breed of person to do this work. You need to be aggressive and assertive and tenacious.  He knows how to dig and get to the root of the papers to get the monies collected. If we've got a judgment and are looking to collect, he is a great next step."
  — Nancy Galloway, President, Callahan & Galloway Property Management